Monday, January 24, 2011

who i am

so basically the title of this post tells all. as does this picture. i'm not really sure why i've felt the need lately to tell people who i am, but i have. after thinking about it for awhile, i've realized it's because in the past seven months i've changed more than i ever thought was humanly possible. i have a hard time explaining to people what's changed, because honestly, i'm still the same crazy spaz i was before i moved. but if you've known me for a long time, or you met me at the beginning of last summer, talking to me now you'd be shocked at how different i am, at the things i've learned. basically, the only thing that hasn't changed are the clothes in my closet, and even then, the stores here are fantastic, and my style has changed from slap-as-much-sparkles-on-as-possible-before-i-leave-the-house. to a more sophisticated, colorful tight-wearing, big floral print, red and pink lipstick, with a black sparkly headband. i'm so confident with the person i am, who i've become. since i've decided i'm so good at making lists, i thought i'd make yet another one explaining all the things that have changed, that have made me who i am.
1. because of the people i'm surrounded by, my new ward, the young women, and my trials, i've gained such a strong testimony.
2. smiling is my favorite thing in the world.
3. i don't care what other people think about me anymore.
okay. so this list is really lackluster, and honestly, doesn't showcase anything. so if you want me to tell you how much i've changed, and the things that have done so, ask me to share my testimony, to try something new, or just give me a call and i could always tell you. second semester starts tomorow and honestly, i'm so excited! it's crazy that half of my first school year here is over. right now i'm just looking forward to the snow melting, the temperatures reaching twenty degrees, doing well in school, and meeting new people. oh...and four months from today...TURNING SIXTEEN. here is too a great few weeks, i can't wait to see how things turn out!

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