Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I think i'll forever hate Tuesdays. It's probably bad to hate one seventh of the week, but I do so it's whatever. This tuesday involved failing an AP spanish test worth fifty percent of my grade. it's only eleven and Tuesday and I are NOT FRIENDS.
Bright sides include two full weeks of senior year after this one. then two three day weeks and i'm done. also, i'm going to Salt Lake City in two and a half weeks which will be all sorts of lovely.
and i'm REALLY blonde.
like super blonde.
I sat in a salon chair for three hours yesterday because blondes have more fun. why not go blonder and have even more fun.
But the weekend was lovely, the sun is almost shiny, and Tuesday is halfway over.

I hope your tuesday is lovely, truly.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

sprinkle cake.

Last Sunday I started a lovely tribute to the boxed funfetti cake we all love so much. Then I had absolutely no patience to make frosting so back into the freezer the cake went to be pulled out and frosted a week later. There are so many things I love about sprinkles. It brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. Sprinkles ice cream cones in ohio, for example.

Pure childhood joy right there.


 I then brought the lovely cake to church and it was devoured by a group of teenagers. sprinkles bring joy. it's a known fact here.

nothing better than from scratch vanilla buttermilk cake with rainbow jimmies. the strawberries in the filling just make it that much better.
hope your sunday was rainbow sprinkle filled.

Friday, April 26, 2013

and just like that a month has passed.

The Minnesota winter this year has been insane. So much that even the hard core minnesotans are sick of it. but today is a day of sunshine and glorious seventy degree weather so i'm hoping that means the winter has finally kicked the bucket. The worst part about winter ending is having to start shaving my legs again. that's terrible, i know. but i don't even care. As of today there are twenty four days left of senior year. twenty four. 
Nothing too exciting has happened in the past month.
Just kidding.
the first two weeks were spent on the most lovely family vacation across the U.S. we started in chicago and worked our way to upstate New York where we did some church history tours.
more on those later.
for now, here are some of my favorite moments from the trip

 Chicago has a magnolia bakery, home of the best banana pudding in the world. like full fat world class banana pudding. I ate half the pint for dinner and finished it off the next morning at breakfast. because that's how to end and start your days, ya know?

 While in Chicago, we went to this diner called Ed Debeivcs, where the waiters are obnoxious on purpose and their turkey burger is slightly below average. but they do have some pretty cute tiny sundae's so that's cool.

 You're looking at the worlds largest McDonald's with escalators, a gift shop, and the same terrible food. but they had free wifi. and magnificent views of Chicago.
My Family is so weird. Love them.

 This sister missionary in New York was from spain and i love her. we spoke spanish together and she said i speak it beautifully. study abroad in spain just becomes more tempting on an hourly basis.

Grant and Amy had multiple ice baths while in hotels. pretty sure the maids hated them. but it was pretty hilarious.
 Niagara falls was beyond awesome and i want to go back when it's not half frozen so i can explore down by the bottom.
It was such a lovely trip. I want to dedicate a whole post to the sacred grove and its life changing moment for me.
as for now, it's friday! Hip hip!
Enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Like You.

some rosi golan for this dreary tuesday.
 I would like to take a moment to dedicate this song to the banana pudding at Magnolia's. congratulations, you're all i can think about every. waking. moment.
not to mention sleeping moments. i dream about the stuff.

I'm exhausted, and wearing yesterday's makeup.
But I don't even care.
Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break.
Thank goodness.


I still can not stop thinking about banana pudding. The good stuff from Magnolias. the stuff that I get to eat in two days.
I'm in love. In love with the City, I tell you! It's beautiful, and dirty, and human. I have never been the person to feel like one with nature. I hate bugs, pee on myself when I try to squat, and am terrified that I will be eaten by bears when we're camping.
But the City, the marvelous City!
The City lets every person be a person.
I'm not so sure why I decided to not go to college in New York. I wish that I had the option.
But the money, the money.
I don't want to bury myself in debt.
So i'm going to wait.
Wait a long four years.
Finish college.
Then apply for grad school.
Waiting is not fun.
But the future is bright.
and I am hopeful.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Happy Birthday to the best man I know.
I was going through my scrapbook last night and found some priceless gems.
I love them so much.
Yes i'm in all of them.

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing father in my life. A man who provides for me and my siblings, who loves us and treats us with respect, who wants us to grow up and be the best we can. He's such a hard worker, and never puts himself first. Some pretty hard traits to come by these days.
Happy Birthday Daddy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grand Central Terminal and the BEST banana pudding.

Photos via Pinterest
I have been completely in love with New York City ever since I was a little girl. I became absolutely enamored with every little aspect of this city I had never visited; the lights, the crowds, the little food shops on the corners. I was obsessed with the culture, the people who knew what they were doing, where they were going. Last spring, it finally happened, I visited the city that had felt like my city for the longest time now. Walking the streets, I felt like one with the city. I didn’t want to be a tourist; I ached to be a local, to be like the others, business wardrobe with a place to walk to every morning. I knew from the moment my feet stepped on the gum plastered, ash spattered sidewalks, this was my city, and I was going to do whatever I could to end up there. Before arriving in the city, I read hundreds (literally!) of blogs about the city, not about the statue of liberty or the empire state building, not about times square or the Brooklyn bridge, but about the city itself. I wanted to know what the locals do. What can I do when I arrive to experience the city in its best light? Not the tourist trodden territory, but the real good stuff, the places New Yorkers flock to on a Friday night for dinner, or a Sunday morning brunch. One thing I quickly learned is that locals don’t like tourists. Which is understandable because they’re invading and not understanding their city. I wanted to reach out to them and say I understand, really, but I’m not like the others. Please teach me how to live in your city, every inch of my body aches to be a part of it. But after arriving in the city I was reminded that the locals are not there to teach me how to be a part of something this wonderful. I needed to learn. So I navigated subways with the seven am crowd, ate lunch from a street cart in union square, and avoided the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. Instead, I opted for the humble five dollar pint of banana pudding that all the locals were raving about. 
I then proceeded to wander around Grand Central Terminal -don’t you dare call it Grand Central Station, the locals will smell you from miles away. And eat the entire container in approximately thirty minutes. It was that good, thousand calories and all. After being dragged out kicking and screaming arriving home, all I could think about was that pudding…and the city. The thoughts rotated back and forth from pudding to city, pudding to city, and began again. Then life started to get real crazy, I got caught up in the preparing for colleges phase of life, ACT, college apps, and stupidly not finishing my NYU application. It wasn’t until recently, when planning for my next trip to the city (a little over two months now!!) I came across a blog post from one of my favorite city people, talking about the glory of Magnolia’s banana pudding.
I became re obsessed with said pudding.
And now I really want some. Right now.
Luckily, I’ll be in Chicago in about a week and there is a Magnolia’s to drool over there.
hope your thursday is lovely.