Thursday, April 21, 2011

let the rain.

"i wish i were pretty, i wish i were brave, if i owned this city then i'd make it behave, if i were fearless then i'd speak more truth, and the world would hear this that's what i wish i'd do" this song always comes to me right about now. the sky is seriously dumping water and i can't believe i live where i do. winter is over, and spring is on its way. but seeing as we're leaving to utah tomorrow i might miss my first spring here. bittersweet, i know. i was just thinking about how weird it's going to be to go back to utah after the past eleven months have happened. i mean, it's complete and total craziness and i can't help but smile at the person i've become...most of the time. everyone has their days, right? well, i'm just super duper happy right now. i'd expect a super long post when i return. until then...well, i'm already a blogging slacker anyways. :D

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