Monday, September 6, 2010

gone are the days of summer. we couldn't change them if we tried.

well. here i sit. typing on my computer, trying to figure out how in the heck summer went by so fast. *sigh* yes people, in less than twelve hours i will be sentencing myself to nine months of sleepless, stressful, school. oh the joys. normally i love most of school. cept for the homework and stuff which isn't so bad when you conisder the social aspect. it will be nice when i feel that way again. but right now i'm just a nervous sophmore who moved halfway across the united states and is going to a completely new highschool. i'm stressing out about it right now but i know that it all will work out in the end. i just keep reminding myself of my grandma sandra's phrase 'faith not fear' i've written it on everything. and i know that everything will be okay. since so much has happened this past summer i think now would be a good time to reflect on everything that has happened in the past three and a half months. what has inevetably made me a much better, and stronger person. people, this is my summer, this is my song.

May 22nd 2010 It's seven at night and i step into Maiya's car expecting to see letters to juliet. instead i am brought to tears by one of the biggest suprises ever. sister steph's house filled with all of the people i love most, there to say goodbye. this was when my summer really started.

May 28th 2010 our moving truck shows up at our house, there to take away every last item in there and ship it away to wonderland...or minnesota. it's all the same right?

May 30th 2010 as we listen to miley cyrus' the time of our lives, we pull out of the driveway of our home for the last time. i don't remember the last time i cried so hard.

June 3rd 2010 our car crosses the minnesota border and i become welcomed to my new home. i can't believe that i live here. in such a beautiful place. i mean sure i miss the mountains, but the killer thunderstorms and loads of trees make up for it completely.

June 21st 2010 having lived in minnesota for only two weeks i pick up my life and get shipped to girls camp. monday we left on a two day backpacking trip in which it poured rain the entire time. even though i was close to having an emotional and physical breakdown the entire time i walked away from it such a stronger person. then it was off to girls camp and the rest of the week. this was when i really got to know the girls in my ward and i love each and every one of them so much. Bryn, Drew, Briana, Erin, Tessa, Emma, Becca, and Victoria...if you're reading this thankyou. so much for everything you have done for me, for reaching out to me and loving me, for being my friend. even though i am a little crazy at times.

June 27th 2010 after being home from girls camp for six hours i hopped on a plane back to salt lake city to finish up what i needed to do there. i went back to my old ward and really said goodbye.

June 28th-July 3rd 2010 E F Y! what a fantastic week at that! i went with Maiya and not only was it one of the most spiritual weeks i have ever had, but i met some of the most amazing people there, ones i will be friends with for a long time. i can't wait to go back next year! i'm even more excited for maiya to come up here and visit me next summer...too bad that's nine months away.

July 3rd-July 5th 2010 i stayed with Christina for the weekend in between my craziness and boy was i glad i did! we had so much fun and recklessness. like we always do. i also suprised julia with a quick visit, and after not having seen her for three months the short two minutes i was with her was much needed.

July 5th-July 8th 2010 BYU basketball camp. it was one of the hardest weeks of my life and yet i became such a better player because of it. although i have to admit that after two weeks straight of cannon center food i am convinced that i couldn't live in heleman halls.

July 8th 2010 i stayed with the sellers which was fantastic.
July 9th 2010 after one final trip to asian buffet and sonic, courtney and i rented remember me and had one last sleepover. i'll miss our shopping trips and random laughs more than anything. i love you cactus butt.

July 10th 2010 i was supposed to fly home this day but my flight was cancelled and so i stayed with christina again...although she felt it was necessary to inflict pain upon herself by going to the justin bieber concert that night. just's probably why she is the way she is. even though i still love her :p

July 11th 2010 flight home to minnesota. it was good to be back but my family had lived there for almost a month and a half and i had spent a mere two weeks there. i was a stranger in my own world.

August 10th 2010 i started drivers ed with Tessa. i loved it. even though it was completely horrible. our drivers ed instructor was named linda and i can't wait to have behind the wheel with her. it will be the most entertaining six hours of my life. i passed the permit test two weeks later and have been driving safely on the roads (with my mom in the car of course) you'd be suprised to hear that i havn't killed anyone yet! heck, i havn't even had a run in with any of the mail boxes...although i have come close haha.
August 28th 2010 FINALLY i got to see wicked.

September 2nd-September 6th 2010 camping trip with the cousins. while going on this trip (which i was forced to go on) meant that i was going to have to miss the preimere of camp rock 2 the final jam, and spend my last day of summer driving home, smelling like wet dog i would do it all over again...PLUS we even got to see the biggest ball of twine in minnesota...wierd al wrote a song about it...go on youtube now!!

September 6th 2010 i finally got to see cr2 and i was definitely impressed. yes i cried during wouldn't change a thing, and when they kissed, and when the movie was over, and in the middle...heck i was bawling my eyes out for half the movie...and for no apparrant reason! i can't wait for camp rock three now! oh and also i want to kiss joe jonas more than ever now. so what if that makes me a creeper.

so lalala this was my summer. i know that more happened in between these events but these are all i can think of. so thankyou. to everyone who reads this silly blog of mine for putting up with my lack of blogging as i tried to adjust to my new world, tried to figure out who i am as a person, and other stuff. i'm not sure what this school year is going to bring but i know that whatever happens i am going to walk away a stronger, better, and happier person. i can already tell you how excited i am for next summer! for turning sixteen, for my first date, everything makes me only want to smile. but right now i'm just gonna live in the present...and write people lots of write me and i'll write you back...that sort of thing. heck, i have to get on top of things very soon. like it's ten at night and i still don't know what i'm going to wear tomorow soon...if that made any sense. so yeah. i guess there is only one more thing that i have to say and i really don't want to say it beccause then everything becomes so real. well here it goes.


~sarah leslie

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