Sunday, November 14, 2010

yo soy emocionado tocar baloncesto

that's right people. tomorow marks day one of baksetball tryouts. they run three hours every day monday-thursday. basically, i'm beyone nervous. i want this so bad, i love being able to belong to a team, feeling like you have this group of twelve friends who will be with you through thick and thin. i've missed that so much since the move and want it back. really bad. it will hopefully improve my: i have no friends outside of church who are girls situation. and i love the three hours of exercise a day i'm forced to get. i always feel so much happier! if i don't make the team though i don't have any regrets. i didn't practice as much as i should have this summer which makes sense considering i moved halfway across the country. it would just make me want to practice even harder this year and give it one last try next year. HOPEFULLY though i make the team and don't actually have to consider that. basically that's about all i have to say. also, all my free time is about to be taken away from me forever...or at least for the next four days...hopefully forever though. i'll let you all know the outcome of tryouts friday or saturday. i want to be back in uniform so bad.
wish me luck yes?

forever and always

Sarah Leslie


  1. Goooooooooooood Luuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW you can do it! GO SARAH!!!!!