Wednesday, November 24, 2010

things i've learned in the past two weeks.

hello world of blog stalking, cyber creepers, most of whom i don't know ;) it's been like a week and a half since i've blogged which is pretty much a normal thing for me right? right. but then there was this girl named Sarah who promised she'd let you know how she did with basketball tryouts a week ago. *sigh* let's begin that long story shall we? well, a week and a half ago i stepped onto the basketball court nervous as ever, crossing my fingers that i would do something spectacular, make a crazy shot, just do something to get the coaches attention and increase my chances of making the team. i did. and those three hour strenuous tryouts almost killed me. not that they shouldn't, it's basketball for crying out loud. but my dad picked me up at seven, we didn't get home till seven forty five. then it was family night, and i had to eat dinner. then at eight fifteen i remembered i had homework which i spent an hour and a half doing. then i remembered i had been running arround for four hours straight and should prolly shower. then it was my nightly routine of journal, scriptures, prayer, and at eleven at night i finally fell asleep. ONLY to be woken up at four thirty by my mother the next morning for early morning seminary. CONCLUSION: i can't live like that every day for the next four months. i'm dealing with things every other girl on that team isn't. i'm a transfer and have to drive half an hour (on good roads, on bad roads it can take up to an hour) to and from school every day. plus, i have early morning seminary. i woke up the next morning crying at the thought of putting myself through all that. i just couldn't do it. SO i did something that six months ago when i was happily playing basketball in utah i never imagined myself capable of doing. I QUIT. and even though every day i think about basketball and how much i miss it, i don't regret it at all. i would have missed seminary multiple times a week had i stayed, and basketball practices were on sunday, i'm not sure whether or not i would have been able to avoid those. then i realized something. everything happens for a reason and the things that have happened to me since i've moved have made me such a better person and i wouldn't go back and change anything. i know who i am now, and i know what i stand for, what my standards are, and I'M PROUD OF THEM. so that is all. i'll prolly hold off on the blogging for a little while...or at least through thanksgiving break. so have a happy turkey weekend and thankyou. for reading my blog despite my anticlimatic posting.
forever and always
sarah leslie.

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