Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABC's of me

Age: fifteen years, eleven months, five days

Bed: twin. i'm too tall for my own bed but i wouldn't have it any other way. well, i would, but a bigger bed won't fit in my room :D

Chore you hate: i don't really hate chores, i just hate making an effort sometimes.

Dog: none. well, my mom says she has six dogs :p

Essential start of your day: morning prayer! sometimes i accidentally fall asleep during them and then i'm late for seminary.

Favorite Color: Pink!

Gold or silver: silver

Height: 6'1

Instruments i can play: i used to play the piano, then i quit. i played the flute, then got kicked out of band, and now i just play the guitar.

Job title: student? i don't get paid though. bummer.

kids: ha. funny.

live: in a house

Mom's name: LEslie

Nicknames: my best friend lindsey and my brother clarkus used to call me sara-sponda. they'd sing the song to me every morning on the way to school. i hated it.

overnight hospital stays: well, i was born, right? does it count if you were in the emergency room all night? if so then like five.

pet peeves: i hate it when people are taller than me, or when people swear, or dress like skanks.

Quote From a Movie:"and i fell, and i fell, and i fell and i hit my face" thank you joe jonas. so that's from ellen, but it's good enough, Right? right.

right or left handed: right handed. even though i draw pretty awesome pictures with my left hand.

siblings: 3brothers 2sisters

Time you wake up: 5 am people

ugly sweaters you own: one.

vegetables you dislike: not a big fan of cooked spinach or raw onions.

wearing: navy hollister sweats, my girls camp shirt, and glasses

Xrays you've gotten: oh my gosh this will be on my elbow, one on my hand, one on my leg, twenty on my right foot, five on my left foot, three on my fingers, two on my knees, plus the ones from regular dentist visits.

Yummy food you make: basically, someday i'm going to be a famous chef and have my own cooking show and so whatever you want me to make you, i'll make.

Zoo animals: the zoo and i have not really spent much time together for awhile. in new mexico i always loved the monkeys...until i found out they ate their own poop.

my utah trip summary is coming soon, i swear! i just need to get through this school week, and make 250 cookies first.

forever and always,

sarah leslie

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