Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i didn't know it at fifteen

seriously. that's what i'm going to call this post. mostly because i am sixteen now. yes. that's right, the much awaited day arrived last week, and i was highly dissapointed. let's put it this way.
I woke up at six am on may 24th, that's right, six. even though i could've slept in. well, i was very excited, because the day i had been waiting for at least nine months was finally here. i ate breakfast, and got ready, then nervously drove us to the drivers eight am i took my drivers test. i had spent the past few days practicing parallel and 90-degree back in parking and i was ready. i was going to pass the test. well at eight thirty one in the morning.
i'm not quite sure how i did that. actually, i turned into the wrong lane on a one way road. automatic fail. lame. what a great way to start out my sweet sixteen, right? wrong. so here i sit, a week later without a drivers license. the rest of my day was actually really enjoyable, anticlimatic, but good. we went to benihanas for dinner and i made my own sweet sixteen cake. all in all the perfect day. unfortunately, an attractive man didn't show up on my doorstep with a dozen roses to sweep me off my feet and take me on my first date. lame. i know. yes, a week later i still have not been on a date. it so wouldn't have been like this had we stayed in utah. the guys there are so much cooler. i mean, it's just a date, seriously. it's not like a date when you're sixteen will lead to a lifetime commitment or something. well, it might, but still. most likely not. so we have two more weeks of school left and unfortunately, unlike in utah they try and cram information in your head until the very last day. thank you higher education standards for lowering my grades and making my brain explode.i'm so excited for summer though, especially for EFY and girls camp, and in just three and a half short weeks a month in utah that i'll surely never forget. this friday we hit our year mark for having lived here and i can't believe that it has already been that long, or only been that long. some days it seems like my life in utah was well, a lifetime ago. other days, it seems like just yesterday we got here. so basically. here is the conclusion: one, i need to work on my one way turning. two, boys need to ask me on dates asap. three, school needs to be over now. other than that, i'm a happy person. a lot a lot a lot is going to change this summer. new house, new school, new friends, basketball? , new job (or bye bye babysitting, hello paycheck) right now i'm just trying to enjoy this year. i've almost done it, my year mark is so close and yet everything is about to change. i was thinking this year was going to be an easy one but i guess that's not what's instore for me. i am pretty good with the whole challenge thing anyways, right? right. well like i said i'm sorry about my lackage of blogging. for once it's actually not my fault. funny, i know. here is to a crazy last two weeks before summer...and a crazy summer at that. i'll be back before then, no worries. as long as blogger doesn't explode (knock on wood, seriously).
forever and always,
Sarah Leslie

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