Thursday, January 3, 2013

The list.

Some people tell me that I have unrealistic expectations for my future husband. I think i'm just setting my standards high. Obviously when the time to think about marriage comes i'm not going to pull out my list and be like "oops, you're a better cook than I am, and i'm only interested in someone who can cook almost as well as I can." Then give him the boot. I have the must haves and the would be nice's.
don't laugh.

Must Have:

  • Loves the Lord
  • Treats his mother with respect
  • Returned Missionary
  • Gets along well with my parents and siblings.
  • Desire to work hard and provide for a family.
  • The ability to communicate
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Wants to have a big family.
  • Kind
Would be nice

  • 6"3 or taller
  • Dark hair, dark eyes
  • Can cook almost as well as I can
  • Smart (specifically in math so my children don't only get stuck with bad-at-math genes)
  • Musically talented, preferably piano so he can play beautiful music. also, so I can justify owning a piano.
  • Doesn't want to live in one place for the rest of our lives.
  • Comes from a good family
  • Spontaneous
  • Someone who would follow me to New York
  • Someone who can relate to my life and I can relate to his. 
  • Loves to try new things
I think the best part about knowing what I want to look for in a future spouse, is in the end only the top ones really matter. the others are silly teenage girl dreams for the perfect man. If he actually exists, let me know. Otherwise, i'll happily take a great one.

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