Friday, May 7, 2010

exactly four months, one day away

four months, one day, from today i will finally meet Joe. how do i know this? because i'm going to their concert and i WILL meet them! it 's just fate, i just know it! not only that but i am pretty much super confident in my super stalker abilities. the presale tickets for TEAM JONAS go onsale on may eighteenth and i'm totally staying home to buy them at ten am. i have to get front row. which are quite pricy so i'll happily accept donations. hahahahahahah. well if anyone knows how to get meet and greet passes without waiting in seventy two hour lines or winning contests will you please let me know? SERIOUSLY... i shall love you forever! so yeah basically i can't wait. everytime i think about it i get the biggest butterflies in my stomach and i do this stupid dance with myself and get all giddy and seriously if you saw me you'd think i'd just been kissed by a boy or something (which is so not the case) although i would totally be so uber excited and giddy if i kissed a jonas brother. although honestly who wouldn't? now i just have to find out a way to sabotage joe and Demi's relationship and convince Joe that we need to get married lol. anybody else uber excited for the concerts this summer? of course not...because my only readers are jonas haters lol. anyways i have to stop talking about it because i always get so giddy and totally feel like i'm gonna pee myself or something lol. anyways J O N A S + SARAH =life


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