Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sometimes internet is a necessity when you need to blog.

hello world.
i know it seems like forever since i've blogged and in reality, it has been. our trip, so packedk with crazy things and lots of driving provided me with no time to blog. then we arrived here, and i realized that we had no internet yet...the awful news? the people can't come and hook it up until next thursday, over a week away. i won't even mention the fact that it keeps me from checking all my jonas websites :) so basically that means one thing and one thing only...this is going to be one heck of a blog post.
i'll start with the day we left, on sunday may thirtieth we left the driveway of our home we had lived in for almost six years one last time. it was more than emotional for me and the rest of my family. the sad mood didn't last for long though as the moment we hit the freeway we were blaring miley cyrus' the time of our lives. which has become mine and my mom's theme song over the past three months. it was a moment i'll never forget. we then continued to drive to rock springs whyoming where we stayed for the night. day two was nothing super interesting, just a four hour drive to casper whyoming. the third day my family reached south dakota where we went to mt rushmore. i thought that it would be uber boring, i mean come on! it's just a mountain with peoples faces carved into it. but i suprised myself and ended up having a fantastic time...even though it was raining. we went to a place called cosmos that night (it's a place where they charge you major money to mess with your mind) and that was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. nooo not just because the person working with us was extremely attractive.
but that night...oh mannn. WARNING: if you get offended by people "breaking rules" i suggest you skip the next paragraph.
we stayed at this hotel that was like built in the seventies, and reminded me of an awful combination of the tower of terror and a funeral home. i couldn't stand to be in my room for more time than required of me. but the swimming pool...oh mannn that is a totally different story. we walked in to discover a legit WATERSLIDE in this timy pool. the rules only said one person to enter the slide at a time. so one person going one second then the next immediately after technically wasn't breaking the rules. i'm thinking that everyone there thought my family was crazy as one by one we flew out of the slide. it was something i'll remember forever. the rest of the trip was quite successful and we eventually reached our destination in which we'll call home for quite some time. we have the nicest neighbors in the world, and our yard is so huge! it's taking awhile for us to adjust, especially since the second half of our moving van isn't going to get there until next week. i'm uber tired now though. and a video from our trip is going to hit facebook eventually! as soon as i don't have to go to my cousins to access their internet. we're gonna eat dinner and then go swimming! i miss you all so much! and can't wait to see some of you when i visit later this summer. in the meantime you can follow me on twitter or facevook. i love you all! (or most of you anyways)
with love,

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  1. Sarah! I'm so glad you made it safely! I knew the moment your family left Utah, it suddenly felt a whole less cooler. I'm glad you're having fun!! Hugs and Kisses!! Miss y'all!