Monday, July 25, 2011

goodbye happy valley

thank you for the laughs, for the magic, for the rain, for the adventures, for the kisses, for the smiles, for the love, for the all nighters, for the temple trips, for another EFY, for family, for the streaking and skinny dipping adventures, for the blessings, for the tears, for the good days, for the best days, for the dates, for the boys, for the perfect summer moments, for the strengthened friendships, for the two weeks with my best friend, for the chance to see my family, and for the knowledge that in the future, because of one person, happy valley is exactly where i'm going to need to be. i can never repay you for all the moments, but i can remember them, i've written them down word for word in my journal, this has been the best summer of my life. a summer to remember forever and always. now it's time for me to go home. back to my family, back to reality. here is to another year of adventures, trials, struggles, and newness. i'll see you in april. if i can get a date to prom, that is. thank you for welcoming me back after the year i had. thank you for accepting the new me, and not trying to make me change. i can never thank you enough for this escape from reality.
forever and always,
sarah leslie.

it's time to go home.

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