Sunday, July 10, 2011

hello parks.

Weird title for a summer post, right? wrong. mostly because parks have been a huge part of my life the past two weeks. what do you do when you're bored? go to a park. what do you do when you want to get away from people? go to a park. what do you do when you and a boy whom you favor muchly run out of ideas? obviously, you go to a park. it just so happens that I'm sitting here blogging via my blackberry at nothing less than a park. I'm all alone here and it's nice to have a moment of quiet time durring my crazy summer to remember. this past week is yet another for the record books. Monday celebrated the fourth of July with Julia's family up in Salt Lake. all of the huge fireworks were legal this year and everywhere you turned you got a fantastic show. Tuesday jules and did our tea party shopping. oh my heck. Jared came over later that night to "help us cook stuff" mostly he just stood there and laughed when made an awesome mistake and forgot to grease the cake pans. did seriously do that? yep. no worries though, my cake still turned out fantastic. Wednesday julia and I went to the gateway with her cousin Sophie. AND at four in the morning we went and did baptisms at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. Even though we had only had an hour and a half of sleep it felt so good to be back after so long. Then sleep deprived we headed off to do more shopping. I thought that left my hair brush at home so bought a new one. yesterday found said hairbrush. bummer. at least my new one is cute. Thursday was the day we had spent the past two weeks planning for: TEA PARTY. if you're friends with julia on facebook you can see the pictures. basically though, it was super cute. then it was off to a park that afternoon for some magical moments ;) Friday was super chill and included me babysitting for the sellers...aka the coolest family with the cutest kids e v e r. Saturday Maiya, Kimber, and I did baptisms at the temple again. that's twice in one week and feel AWESOME. then off to a pool party. I ended my night with payden waiting for jared to get out of the shower, listening to jared play guitar while payden tried to play the banjo, and lastly hot chocolate and cheesecake from kneaders. Today I went back to my old ward for the first time since we moved. it. was. so. werid. good to be back, but at the same time nothing here has changed, and I have. tomorrow m off to EFY with rachiecakes and I'm so glad I've been able to attend the temple and really prepare for EFY. two in one summer? can you say spiritual overload? It's a good thing though. It's hard to believe that my trip is almost halfway over. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend the past few weeks with such amazing people who have welcomed me into their friend group over and over again. these next two weeks are going to be different, but good. I don't ever want to go home. though I miss my friends, and my ward, the social life I have here is so much better. staying here would have been so easy. so here is to another fantastic week. more parks? maybe.
Forever And Always,
Sarah Leslie.

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