Saturday, September 10, 2011

bleedin' red

i just finished the first week of my junior year at a brand new highschool. guess what? i loved it. the first day was ridiculously hard and resulted in about a bajillion and six tears and begging to be sent back on a jetplane to utah. that didn't happen obviously but i'm glad i stayed. i eat lunch with a pretty awesome group of people and i have two classes with my cousin. now onto more exciting attractive men.
this is a creeper picture that was taken of me in my target uniform. you see, that there is the problem. i was wearing my target uniform. so there is this guy that i work with and i sort of like him a lot. he goes to my school and is 6'3. we usually work the same shifts because of the whole minor rule and everything. DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS SITUATION? i sure don't. minus the whole uniform thing. but he's wearing one too so what the heck. we seriously have been having way too much fun at work. last night things were super slow so we folded bags to kill time. let me tell you, i never thought that folding plastic could be so much fun. boy was i wrong. anyways, long story short, i really like this kid and i've been having a really great time working with him and getting to know him. it's like i'm getting paid to work with attractive people. seriously.
did i mention that i love my job? well i do.
last night my GTL kelly comes up to me and says "you know now that i know who your parents are, your mom came in last christmas and asked if she could lay up on the conveyer belt. did you know about that?"
yes kelly, i did know about it. it's still her cell phone background. i find it funny that both of these pictures were taken at the same register about a year apart. also, i think it's just a little bit of a miracle that i still have my job after people realized we're related when my mom showed up yesterday. also, my mom is awesome.
that is all.
forever and always,
sarah leslie

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