Saturday, June 18, 2011

the most wonderful week of my life

                                  EFY 2011
thank you for the most amazing, and wonderful week of my entire life. i loved every moment of it. i'm sitting here at my computer a much stronger person, going through the most EFY withdrawls i've ever been through. it was the best company i've ever had. the people are so amazing and the fact that they all live so close means the world to me. this week i was just reminded that i am a daughter of God. i'm so excited for the rest of the summer. i always forget how fast things go by there. tears were shed, laughs were spread, and i became friends with some of the most amazing people. i especially enjoyed getting to know James and Jeff better. i can't believe that they were in my company. MALES AND FEMALES unite! best company name ever. seriously.
if you've been to EFY you know why i can't put my week into words. i'll just share another picture instead.
                     seriously. why did this week have to end?
forever and always,
sarah leslie

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