Saturday, August 6, 2011

cause it makes me happy.

so i've been back home for about two weeks now and last night i finally realized something...

it's time to be happy.

so i decided that i'd make a list of things that make me happy, because honestly, there are so many. and it's summertime so it's time to be happy.

1. lightning the sky is so beautiful right now, and i love staring it as it gets closer. even if it means that we're slightly in danger.
2. rain. the rain here is crazy hard, and i love sitting inside and just staring out the windows. it's fantastic.
3. bowling. i have been bowling twice in the past week and i'm not very good (by not very good i mean it's a miracle if i get 50 points) but i forgot how much fun it is.
4. parachute. my cousin Christina got me into this music when i stayed with her three weeks ago. i just bought their CD and i can't believe i've been missing out for so long. i'm hopelessley addicted.
5. hot showers. one of the benefits of moving is getting a new bathroom. i LOVE my new showerhead. seriously, the greatest thing of my life.
6. my mormon friends. i got back here and immediately was swarmed with love from all my mormon friends. i had started to forget how freaking awesome they were and will NEVER forget that again.
7. staying up till four in the morning reading. nothing better, it screams pure summer to me.
8. nicholas sparks. what else would i be reading till four in the morning?
9. facecreeping. you probably shouldn't be too worried.
10. driving. i love having this responsibility, it means so much more freedom.
11. dating. is there really much to say about this? i love men, dating = spending time with men. awesome.
12. H&M. i recently bought three new skirts and a top from this lovely store that in the past year has become my very favorite. (by very favorite i mean half my closet is filled with cute clothing from this fabulous store)
13. hugs. nothing better than a good hug.
14. cooking. boy have i missed being in the kitchen, so many upcoming projects!
15. church. i love my ward.
16. my new bed. after sixteen years of being too small for my twin bed my parents finally decided to help me make the switch. i'm in love. there is nothing better than sleeping with your whole body on the bed. my feet haven't been cold since i've gotten back from utah. well, they have, but not because they're sticking off the edge of the bed.
17. phone calls from friends in happy valley. it's good to know that i haven't been forgotten. i've had a call from someone almost everyday since i left. i have the greatest friends ever there.
18. potbelly sandwiches. turkey and swiss on multigrain with pickles, tomatoes, and italian seasoning. i've sure missed you while i was away. delicious. seriously.
19. colbie caillat. her new album is so happy go lucky it's ridiculous.
20. going to the lake. it's so freaking pretty here, and i love laying out on the beach.

i've started to realize that i can't hang on to my utah memories and try and make them real life. i have to get used to living here and learn to love it. i have a really hard year ahead of me, but i'm going to try so hard to get through it with a smile on my face. right now though i need to enjoy my

forever and always,
sarah leslie

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