Wednesday, August 31, 2011


holy cow. my job is self entertainment at its best. no joke.

  •  two girls who look to be about my age walk up to my register holding hands, one of them is shaking the other is quiet. the shaking girl buys mountain dew, gum, and a pregnancy test. then the quiet girl leans over and whispers to her "you better hope it's so and so, he would be the best dad out of all of them" um...awkward much?

  • i totally accidentally made an old lady cry when i told her that she couldn't use her coupon. it was buy one get one free and she thought that it was buy one get it free. read the labels lady.

  • this super cute looking blonde lady comes up to my register and buys stationary. i, being the kind person that i am, ask her how she is. she proceeds to tell me that she hates her husband and is in the middle of a divorce but that she's not divorcing him until he agrees to keep the cat.

  • the druggie who tried to pay for thirty dollars worth of stuff with a ten dollar bill. he was totally high.

  • the lady who spent five minutes trying to get me to join her church. no, i'm not Buddhist, yes, i know i can be despite my ethnicity.

  • the man who read me the calorie contents of a microwave meal "it's the BEST FOOD EVER. and it only has five grams of fat"

  • the woman with a screaming child. honestly, if my children act like that, i'm disowning them.

okay, this totally isn't everything but i just worked an eight hour shift and yours truly gets to wake up and go back to work in seven short hours. hooray. don't get me wrong, i love my job! but school starts in six days and i feel like it's going by way too fast!! it's the freaking last day of august for crying out loud. i'm so not ready for school to start, i can't emotionally handle the stress of going to another new school. i have to though, so i'm going to try and make the best of it. we'll see how this goes. goodnight and goodbye.
forever and always,
sarah leslie

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